“Music of the Soprano Masters” Review

By Joe Lang, for Jersey Jazz

PETER AND WILL ANDERSON are a couple of young men, not far removed from Julliard who have made a big splash on the New York City jazz scene in a big hurry, and have been expanding their performance schedule throughout the country.  Only in their mid-20s, they have several CDs already released, have performed shows featuring the music of Artie Shaw and the Dorsey Brothers, and now have turned their attention to the Music of the Soprano Masters (Gut String Records – 011).  Their cohorts for this endeavor are Ehud Asherie on piano, Mike Karn on bass and Phil Stewart on drums, with Bob Wilber guesting on four tracks, playing soprano sax and clarinet.  The nine tunes were penned by the likes of Wilber, Lucky Thompson, Roland Kirk and Sidney Bechet, all of whom were among the select few jazz musicians who truly mastered the difficult soprano sax.  Judging from their playing on this disc, the brothers have joined this soprano sax royalty.  Both chime in on clarinet, while Peter also contributes on tenor sax, and Will takes his alto sax in hand.  These young men play with a maturity beyond their years.  With each exposure to their music, the first impression of them as promising young jazzers has ripened into a deep appreciation for what they have already achieved, and pleasant anticipation of the new musical vistas that they will continue to open for themselves, and our enjoyment.  (peterandwillanderson.com)